Folking Lovely.

With the wonderful sights and sounds of the Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival still fresh within my brain box, I was was asked to return once again to Moseley’s private park and film a promo for the Moseley Folk. This time I figured I’d expand on the ideas I had in the ‘Jazz’ and tell a bit more of a story. Continue reading

Mostly Jazz and Other Razzamatazz

It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything on my news page, but as I’m sure you can appreciate I can get quite busy, mainly editing various projects I’m working on.

I say editing because really the editing and preparation work that goes into a project far exceed the actual time spent filming. That’s not to take away from the act of filming, Continue reading

New OldDeadEye Logo

I decided to make myself a logo the other night.I pestered a friend a while ago to sketch a drawing of me for use in a potential logo and last night I finally got round to it. I’m fairly pleased with what I’ve got here for now, I’ll no doubt add to and improve it some more, over time.