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It’s been quite a while since I last posted anything on my news page, but as I’m sure you can appreciate I can get quite busy, mainly editing various projects I’m working on.

I say editing because really the editing and preparation work that goes into a project far exceed the actual time spent filming. That’s not to take away from the act of filming, this in itself is a very demanding thing to do, especially if you’re capturing something like a wedding, where you’re having to react quickly to an ever changing situation in an aesthetically pleasing way which requires you to prep for your edit as you hunt down your shots. It is something I find a lot of people don’t really appreciate.

Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival

This year I was approached by Mostly Jazz Festival to film a short promo video to go on their website. The festival itself like with a lot of festivals these day, is set in a small town or village. In this case it was the village of Moseley which is just outside the city of Birmingham, not that you’d know it, for this festival is held in what I think is Moseley’s best kept secret, it’s private park. Surrounded by large Edwardian houses and shops, from the street you wouldn’t even know it was there, with just a small gate buried among foliage accessible by a few number of residents with an electronic key fob it’s almost like you’ve entered into another dimension, for here is a park with a pool you can fish in, tennis courts and the usual park fodder, which seems another world away from the busy city life you had just left but a minute ago; a metaphor for the layout of Birmingham perhaps.

Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival 2013 -2014

4 BUGS Fringe Theatre Present : The Morning After Season

August is Edinburgh Fringe time and this year a group of friends asked me to make a trailer for two performances they were taking to the festival, Wuthering Heights and The Pink Bedroom. They were billed under what they called ‘ The Morning After Season’ two plays dealing with the subject of carelessness and loss but sobered by the morning after. Due my time restriction on this( about 2 hours filming ) and pretty much zero preparation time I decided to keep it very simple, apposing two bedroom scenes in and joining them as one, with a tracking wipe. I then spent a little time getting the tone of the voice over right, trying out a few different lines from each play. The resulting video made the Guardian’s fringe page, which seemed to please everyone involved. In the Edit I initially used Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’ which you can view here, but had to alter and use some royalty free music due to the Guardian’s use of it on their site – which is actually the version I ended up preferring.

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