By Michelle Mclauchlan

Portrait by Michelle M Mclachlan

OldDeadEye is a pseudonym I began using when starting to make films back in 2008, filming personal projects with my Sony Ex1 camera and not wanting to use my real name due to my Internet paranoia.

Here is the film that started it all off Geist der Weihnachtsvergangenheit

Seven years later and I’m now using my real name Paul McHale and working as a freelance, camera operator and editor based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I mostly film and edit promotional films for festivals but continue to work on a wide range of projects filming and producing animations,narrative and art exhibition projects, some of which you can view on my portfolio.

This website features some of my projects, the people and businesses I have worked for, as well as news and information about my work.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any commercial projects, help or advice you might require my input on.