Goodnight Sleep. That’s a Wrap

Blogs aren’t something I’ve usually got time to sit spending my time writing and I don’t find it easy. That and I don’t really find the fact I’m sitting in front of a computer screen meticulusly moving clips around a time line a particularly engaging story to tell. That said I sit here at 14:24 on a Tuesday, my first real piece of spare time in the last 4 months. That said, not only am I using this time to write this particular blog post, I am currently in the middle of listening to Ben Norris on the BBC at the Royal Albert Hall. Ben is someone that I met briefly in Edinburgh whilst at the Fringe in 2013 and ended up having to spend an afternoon together where we discussed many a topic. One of these was his idea for a Fringe show called “Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy”. Ben is a poet and in the short time I’ve known him, we’ve worked together on a few projects and he recently won the UK All Stars poetry championships. It was in a very early stage than, many just a vaguely constructed set of ideas but in the spring of this year he began putting it together after receiving Arts Council funding. Continue reading

Folking Lovely.

With the wonderful sights and sounds of the Mostly Jazz, Funk & Soul Festival still fresh within my brain box, I was was asked to return once again to Moseley’s private park and film a promo for the Moseley Folk. This time I figured I’d expand on the ideas I had in the ‘Jazz’ and tell a bit more of a story. Continue reading